30 Anaheim Children Sent to Hospital from Dental Office

dental-patient-examwebIn a report from CNN today, 30 Anaheim children were sent to southern California hospitals for evaluation and treatment for possible tooth infections caused from contaminated water lines in a children’s dental office. All of these children had a kind of root canal procedure performed on them during the months of March through July 2016.
This dental office was part of a group of children’s dental offices which are operated by a single company. Only this Anaheim location had this issue with apparently contaminated water lines. This is only the second reported time this kind of issue has occurred within a dental office. Something similar occurred in Georgia last year, according to a spokesman from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
This type of problem is possible when water lies stagnant over a relatively long period of time. Again, this problem is very rare within a dental office.
Here at Venincasa Dental, we are well aware of this possible problem. To prevent this, we use fresh water every day which is treated in our office to prevent bacterial colonization. We also flush the water lines daily, and chemically treat the water lines regularly. All this is done to prevent the water and water lines from becoming contaminated. Again, this problem is extremely rare; however, there are routines that can be done to prevent this. Thankfully, this has only reportedly happened within a dental office only twice. Naturally, the aim is to prevent this from ever happening again.
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