Improving the Fit of Dentures and Partial Dentures

denture repair, implants, dental implants

denture repair, implants, dental implantsMany patients wear dentures for years without obtaining any maintenance care.  It is understandable.  Dentures cannot get cavities. In addition dentures cannot get periodontal disease. However, without maintenance care the fit of dentures or partial dentures can worsen.
The reason why the fit of these appliances may worsen is because the metal components may fatigue and lose their ability to create a tight fit. Another reason is because the shape of the gums changes over time. With these changes the appliances may not sit as stably. Moreover, with partial dentures, the teeth may move over time or the teeth may change from wear, breakage, or decay.
With maintenance care, the reason for the worsening fit of these appliances can be discovered. Options for improving the fit of these appliances may include restoring teeth, relining the appliances, tightening metal components, repairing metal components, replacing attachment components, or may include the placement of dental implants.
Over the years fewer dentists have a comfort level with making or repairing dentures and partial dentures. However, within my practice, we enjoy caring for these appliances and the patients who wear them. If you are in need of a new appliance or in need of improving the fit of an existing appliance we invite you to contact us in any manner you feel comfortable found within this web page.

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