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botox, skin care, pedicure, manicure

botox, skin care, pedicure, manicureWe have all seen the ads either in the mail, in magazines, or in professionally produced pamphlets of dentists who provide spa services in addition to their dental services.  Certainly we all enjoy convenience.  And one-stop shopping for services is enticing.  But let’s think about this.  Why would a dentist decide to provide spa services?
Some dentists provide spa services to create an additional center for generating revenue.  They may want to make more money.  Should this be a problem?  Of course dentists have the right to do this.  But what does this say about the dental services provided?  This is difficult to say.  Spa dentists obviously display interests in procedures other than dental services and they display an interest in generating additional sources of revenue.  Patients need to decide what is more important to them; is convenience more important than having a dentist whose total attention is to providing dental services?
Perhaps we can compare this to Discount Tire.  Discount Tire sells tires and wheels.  That is what they do.  Their aim is to provide an efficient and reasonably priced service to their customers by selling these items alone.  They do not sell batteries.  They do not sell windshield wipers.  They do not sell other auto parts.  Certainly they could if they wanted to but they have created a business model that works for them by focusing solely on selling tires and wheels.
If you are looking for a dentist who focuses attention to solely dental services, if you are looking for a dentist who has award-winning certified online patient reviews, and if you are looking for a dentist who is totally committed to his patients and their best interests on dental care, we invite you to contact us.  Feel free to reach us by any method you see available on this webpage.  We invite you to experience what you may be missing; my practice is indeed unique.

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