Yes, Our Dentures Are Not Like Your Parent’s/Grandparent’s

Dentures that fit, implants, nice tight well madeOh yes, we have heard of dentures falling out, of dentures that are too loose, of dentures that never fit right, of dentures that do not chew well, and of dentures that had never been comfortable.  Yes, we have heard just about all of it.  We do understand these experiences are real.  We do understand patients expect something better.

We can do better!  We can do better because we care, because we listen very well, because we are determined to provide the best solution for each individual patient, because we have spent many years studying the art and science of dentures, and because we love providing denture services.  Yes, things can be better.  Depending on your situation, dental implants may be recommended.

With dental implants, the movement of the dentures can be minimized, the tightness of the dentures can be extremely improved, and the chewing efficiency can improve dramatically.  Implants have very much changed the expectations that patients may have with dentures.  They are a “game changer”.  Not every case requires dental implants; however, implants can drastically enhance a patient’s satisfaction.

If we can assist you or someone you know with dentures and perhaps dental implants, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580.

 Our Unique, Caring, and Custom Denture Services

dentures senior citizen implantsEver since I was in dental school I have enjoyed working with dentures and denture patients.  There is something very rewarding with creating a smile, fabricating an ability to chew, and providing a comfortable prosthesis.  Working with dentures requires from the dentist the qualities of patience, effective communication, attention to detail, willingness to take the time needed, empathy, sympathy, attentive listening skills, relating well to older patients, demanding a higher standard of care from the dental laboratory, among other things.

We have been providing denture services since 1986 in the north Dallas area.  Our commitment to pleasing our patients is very high.  We are very willing to do whatever it takes to provide a service that satisfies our patients.  These services may include adjusting existing dentures, relining existing dentures, adding implant components to enhance retention for existing dentures, full-mouth extractions, creating new dentures or partial dentures with or without implant components, as well as non-removable tooth replacements.

Many of us know people who either have dentures or have a family member with dentures.  Any of these people may be in need of someone to assist them with their dentures.  There are not many dentists who have a comfort level with these services.  We most definitely do have that comfort level.  If we can assist people you know in need of denture services, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580.

Partial Dentures

partial denture missing teeth replace empty space extraction

Before Partial Denture

Partial dentures are recommended when more than one tooth is missing.  They are particularly recommended when teeth are missing in several areas of an arch.  While bridges and dental implants have gained much popularity over the years, partial dentures can be just the right option for some patients.

One way in which partial dentures may be a better option is when patients want to limit the amount of money they want to invest in their mouth.  Partial dentures can be made at a fraction of the cost of restoring with dental implants or with bridges.  Another way in which partial dentures can be an advantage is when there is not enough jaw bone present to place dental implants, or when a bridge cannot be done because all molars on a side are missing.

replacing missing teeth partial denture implants

After partial denture

Partial dentures do carry some disadvantages.  It is possible that food may collect under or around the partial dentures.  In addition partial dentures do move a bit, so some effort may be necessary to get used to this movement.  Another disadvantage is that they must be removed overnight while sleeping to allow the gum tissues to rest and to have better exposure to air which maintains a healthier mouth.

Making a partial denture can take place overnight in some dental offices.  However, we perform these procedures in at least three visits in order to provide a higher quality final restoration.  With more appointments we can assure that the esthetics and the bite are most accurate.  Having a partial denture is very much like having an artificial leg.  It takes some time to get used to it.  It takes some time to get familiar with it.  It makes sense that patients deserve the highest quality restoration they can obtain.  Higher quality restorations have a better chance of being more comfortable, of looking more esthetic, and of working better.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our quality of service on a partial denture, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580.


Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison dentures partial partialsWhether from disease, malnutrition, or genetic disorders, sometimes it is necessary for all of a patient’s lower or upper teeth to be extracted.  While this can be emotionally devastating, dentures can provide a second chance at a beautiful smile with well- functioning teeth.

Complete dentures provide multiple functions.  They allow for more efficient chewing, a more pleasing facial appearance, as well as for an improvement in speech.

With immediate dentures, patients can have a full set of teeth while waiting for their gums to heal after having teeth removed.  This can take up to six months, so immediate dentures are a great alternative during that time.

Sometimes, complete dentures are not necessary. Partial dentures can replace a number of missing teeth.  They are secured to the remaining teeth either with clasps or dental implants.  In fact, dental implants may also be recommended for retaining full dentures.  We carefully evaluate each patient for what is best for them; partial dentures, complete dentures, either with our without dental implants.

No matter which kind of dentures our patient’s choose, they can be assured of receiving natural-looking dentures that match their facial structure, their desired tooth color, and which function well.

Dental Implants

One of the problems with partial and full dentures is that these appliances may move at least a slight degree.  This movement may be difficult for some patients to get used to.  Dental implantsimplant denture partial full loose can be placed to secure these partial or full dentures.  The dental implants can be planned prior to construction of the dental prostheses or they can be placed to support existing prostheses.

In planning a new dental prosthesis, in most cases, the dental implants can be placed.  However, the prostheses cannot be attached to these implants for up to a few months.  During this period of time the jaw bone is actually attaching to the implants, which are made of the same material that artificial hips or knees are made of, which is titanium.  Once the jaw bone is attached to the implants, precision attachments are placed over the implant and inside of the prostheses.  What then results are attachments which snap into place.  With these attachments, movement is minimized, retention is enhanced, and stability of the prostheses results.  The partial and full dentures snap into place and snap out.  The prostheses are still not worn overnight in most all cases.

If you have an interest in pursuing any of this care, or if one of your parents would benefit from this care, we invite you to give us a call, (972) 250-2580.