Dental Bridge or Dental Implant: Which is Better?

Golden Gate Bridge

bridge, missing toothDental bridges have been used in dentistry to replace missing teeth for over 50 years. They have been very successful and can feel quite natural. Dental implants have been used in dentistry for over 40 years. They have also been very successful and can feel quite natural. However, there are quite a few differences.
Dental bridges can be accomplished in about three weeks while dental implants may take up to 8 months to restore. Dental bridges rely on the adjacent teeth which must be prepared for crowns while dental implants do not require preparation of the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges require special care in order to successfully floss them while a dental implant restored tooth can be flossed as a natural tooth. Both of these options can look quite natural, they can function very much like natural teeth, and the fees for each may be similar.
dental implant healing for crownSo how does one decide which option to pursue? First we make sure that the bone quality in the area is suitable for a dental implant. Second, we evaluate the condition of the adjacent teeth. If the teeth are fairly pristine a dental implant may be the better option. If both adjacent teeth are in need of a crown then the bridge may be the better option. This decision is best made following a complete examination with necessary x-rays. Then the desires of the patient can be discussed, these two options can be discussed, and the findings can be discussed. With all this information the answer to which is best may be fairly easy to discern. If you are interested in further discussing this or if you are interested in dental care we invite you to contact us in any way available to you on this web page.

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