Crowns and Bridges

Root Canal Treated Molars Require Crown

root canal, crown, protection, painlessroot canal, crown, painless, qualityMany molars and premolars, or bicuspids, may have a need for root canal therapy.  This may occur because of extensive decay, a deep crack, a history of trauma, or an infection or abscess.  In performing the root canal procedure, the hollow inside of the tooth is cleaned, sterilized, and filled with a rubbery material.  Since the blood supply of the tooth no longer exists, and because the tooth is filled with the filling material, the tooth is dried out and more brittle.  This makes the tooth more likely to break. 

In order to protect the tooth, a crown is very often placed on these back teeth in order to provide strength and to protect the tooth from breaking.  These crowns may be tooth-colored or made of gold.  Tooth-colored crowns of course look very natural and nice.  However, these crowns can crack or break like a tooth can.  Dentists can determine the relative risk of having one of these tooth-colored crowns.  For the very back teeth, we recommend gold crowns.  While we realize they are not near as natural looking, these crowns are very strong and do not crack or break.  These gold crowns can last a lifetime in even the strongest of grinders.  Oftentimes these gold crowns are not even visible because of their location.

The images displayed are from an actual patient in our office.  We did provide the root canal services as well as the gold crown service.  This result was very nice.  We expect this patient to be pain-free and to have a gold crown restoration that has a nice potential to last for many years.  If you have an interest in finding out more about our quality-oriented, value-conscious, and patient-centered dental practice, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580.


Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison CerecCerec Single-Visit Crowns

Cerec technology allows us to provide crowns and partial crowns in a single visit, usually within two hours.  Because of this there is no chance of a temporary crown falling out and there is no need for a second appointment to deliver the crown.  Our patients greatly appreciate our office being one of under 150 dental practices in the DFW Metroplex to offer this wonderful service.  We have been providing this since 2001.  The restorations made with this Cerec techonology are the most highly researched restorative material in dentistry.  This was initially developed in Europe in the 1980’s, as an alternative to the European-banned silver fillings.

Tooth Colored Crowns

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison Cerec crownNaturally patients have a preference for tooth colored crowns.  We have been offering these alternatives since in the inception of our practice in 1986.  These crowns can look very natural.  They can be beautiful.  However, to keep these crowns looking their very best there is some care required.

We do recommend that patients maintain their preventive visits at least every six months.  We also recommend that patients wear a night guard if we note they have more excessive wear on their natural teeth.  Prevention is key to having these tooth colored crowns for a long time.

As with natural teeth, these tooth colored crowns may crack or break.  Care must be taken to prevent this kind of damage to these crowns.  If we believe there is excessive force on a certain tooth we recommend a gold crown instead.  Of course the decision for care rests with our patient; however, we make every effort to make sure the patient is making an informed decision.

Gold Crowns 

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison crownsFor patients who have evidence of heavy forces being applied to the molars, we recommend gold crowns.  Gold crowns are the strongest we have in dentistry.  They will not break nor crack.  They will not chip.  This is how they differ from tooth colored crowns.  These gold crowns will hold up to heavy occlusal forces.

Some patients refuse gold crowns.  We certainly understand and respect the desires of our patients.  We do honor requests not to place these gold crowns, thus placing tooth colored crowns instead.  After fully informing patients of the advantages and disadvantages of eacy type of crown, we allow them to make a choice.

 Crowns for Smiling

cosmetic dentist smile makeover crownscosmetic dentist smile makeoverThere are times when crowns simply start to look poorly because of changes within the teeth and the gums.  In this case the gums had receded and the root surfaces became exposed..  As a result, over time the root surfaces had decayed and decalcified.  This dramatically adversely affected this patient’s smile. 

By replacing the crowns, the root surfaces could be treated and covered.  This resulted in a more pleasing cosmetic result.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this kind of dentistry, we invite you to contact us.  We would be glad to offer a consultation.  An appointment would allow us to determine your desires and would allow us to offer you alternatives with their associated fees.  We thank you for your interest.

Dental Bridges

bridge, missing toothDental bridges, or fixed partial dentures, have been around for over 50 years. They are used to replace one or more missing teeth.  The best design for a bridge is to have two natural teeth or two dental implants at either end, then to have the missing teeth in between.  In this design it resembles a suspension bridge similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, where the two towers support the portion between the towers.

In creating a bridge, the end or adjacent teeth are prepared for a crown.  Then crowns are made to fit over these teeth; however, the crowns are connected by one or more “solid crowns” which replace the missing teeth.  With this connection conventional flossing cannot be done.  As a result a floss threader is needed to help thread the floss under the bridge prior to flossing the under-surface of the bridge and the supporting teeth.

The disadvantage of a bridge is that two teeth must be prepared for crowns.  If these teeth needed crowns for protection anyway then this disadvantage does not exist.  However, if these two teeth are fairly pristine then this disadvantage is in play.

Golden Gate BridgeIn the event that the end teeth are more pristine, a dental implant may be best to replace the missing tooth.  In this way the adjacent teeth do not require preparation for crowns.

The advantage of a bridge is that the final result has similar strength and function as a natural tooth. There is very little that would feel “unnatural” about a bridge. The time it takes to accomplish a bridge is about three weeks.

If you would like to discuss this option more or if you have an interest in dental care we invite you to contact us in any manner you feel comfortable through this web page. We thank you for your interest.