What is My Life Missing? What Am I Searching for?

Searching, Filling a Void, Faith

Searching, Filling a Void, FaithThere were many years in my life when I realized I was searching for something. There was a void within me that I could never fill. There was a level of happiness I could never achieve. There was a yearning for something more; but, I had no idea what that something was.
Can you relate?
When in high school, I did not feel popular enough, my relationships were not satisfying me, and I wanted to be happier. As I entered college at Texas A&M, my aim was to be as competitive as I could to achieve acceptance into dental school. As I entered dental school, I worked hard to be the best dentist I could. As I began my dental practice, I worked hard to succeed, to create a life with a family, and to retire at an earlier age. I always had goals. I worked hard. I received honors and awards in school, I attained many goals, yet, something was missing. For years I was on a search to fill that yearning, to fill that void.
In some cases, I found things that were satisfying, but the satisfaction was fleeting.
Can you relate?
In other cases, I definitely searched in the wrong places. I may have even been off course for a number of years. I was searching; but, in these cases I was way off course.
It was not until I was 45 years-old when I finally found what I was missing. I filled that void and I continue to fill that void, and I have more joy in this life than I could have ever imagined.  So, what happened to me?
I found out so deeply, so intimately, so personally, that God does indeed exist for sure, no doubt, no question. I found out that my God loves me unconditionally very much, even though I felt I was not worthy of His love. I found out that God loves me unconditionally even when I fail Him, even when I failed Him for so many years. I found out that God did wipe away all those times when I was hurting, when I made bad decisions, and when I was not pleasing Him. He lifted such a huge weight off my shoulders. And He showed me unconditional love in such a real, palpable way.
How did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Why doesn’t an experience like this happen to us all?
I do not have all these answers. All I know is that I was searching, and I did offer a sincere and humble prayer to God on one Friday night in March of 2007, asking for help in showing me what I was missing. And within 48 hours, God answered my prayer.
With such an amazing experience over that weekend, how can I not respond? How can I not write about it? How can I not share what happened to me? This is too wonderful to keep secret. This is too important to disregard. This is too valuable and too abundant to not share.
If you sense you are off course, if you sense you are missing something in this life, if you are losing hope, if you suffer with fear or anxiety, please, discuss this with a trusted, committed Christian friend, discuss this with your minister/pastor/priest. I invite you to view more of my posts on faith. There truly is so much more to this life, right now……

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