Higher Taxes on Tobacco Products Urged by WHO

tobacco risk, tobacco taxes, Venincasa Dental

tobacco risk, tobacco taxes, Venincasa DentalIn an article posted yesterday by Reuters, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging governments worldwide to increase the tax on tobacco products to make the tax burden over 75% of the cost of the these products. There are currently about 33 countries that have complied with these standards already. There are several reasons for this request:
1. this would dissuade people from smoking
2. this would enhance less frequent smoking
3. this would increase the numbers of those quitting smoking.
WHO stated multiple health-related facts to support its request to increase the taxes paid on tobacco products. These facts include:
1. one person dies from tobacco-related diseases every six seconds worldwide.
2. over 6 million people die worldwide annually from tobacco-related diseases.
3. by 2030, it is forecasted that over 8 million people will die worldwide from tobacco-related diseases.
4. there are over one billion smokers worldwide.
5. tobacco is one of four risk factors associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and diabetes.
These tobacco products include cigars, cigarettes, and even smokeless forms of tobacco. Current research is showing that all forms of tobacco are dangerous, they lead to multiple serious diseases, and they may lead to addiction to tobacco. We have posted numerous articles on this. We invite you to follow this link for these articles.
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