What is it Like to Get Dentures or a Partial Denture?

dentures, partial dentures, Venincasa Dental

dentures, partial dentures, Venincasa DentalFor many patients, the thought of getting a denture or a partial denture may be daunting. They may not be very sure about what it would feel like, how well it will fit, and how to care for them.
For sure, the denture or partial denture feels very different. There is a lot more in your mouth than what you had before. However, the vast majority of patients get used to it. We may compare this to wearing shoes, a hat, or gloves. We are more comfortable without these on; however, we can and do get accustomed to them. By having a dentist who is experienced and interested in providing the most comfortable appliance, this issue can be minimized.
As far as the fit of these appliances, they can and should feel stable when they are fully seated. They should not rock or move around when fully seated. Again, by having a dentist who has the interest and the experience, the fit can be enhanced. For some patients, dental implants may be required to provide stability for these appliances when talking or eating. This may be unavoidable for some patients because of the quality or volume of their existing jaw bones. However, some patients may simply need a denture adhesive to achieve this stability for talking and eating.
Like the natural teeth, these appliances do require some attention to cleanliness. Brushing them and soaking them keeps them clean and bacteria free for the most part. Most patients are advised not to wear them while sleeping in order to contribute to the health of their mouth.
Indeed, these appliances are a big change. They do require a period of adjustment, just as a prosthetic leg would require a period of adjustment. However, when done properly, with an attention to detail and an attentiveness to the needs and desires of the patient, these appliances can and often are life-changing.
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