What is Involved in Getting a Denture or Partial Denture?

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Many patients have no idea how long it would take to get a denture or partial denture. Some patients may have seen an advertisement or a billboard indicating that dentures can be made in one day. Well, it is true that this service can be done in one day. However, with this one-day service, can your goals of an attractive smile, a comfortable appliance, and a functional appliance all be met? Perhaps this can be compared to cooking. Would you rather cook in a microwave oven? Or, would you rather cook with a conventional oven, a crock pot, an outdoors grill, or a brick oven? Do you see what I mean?
Within my practice, we take the time to visit with our patients. We want to get to know them, to know their prior experience with their teeth and previous dentures or partial dentures, and to know their needs and desires. We also want to become familiar with their mouth, the jaw bone support that exists, the way in which their mouth is shaped, and the way in which their mouth works. All this information we take into account when I design these oral appliances.
After designing these appliances, in a step-wise fashion, I can create that design within the mouth, and I can make any corrections or modifications along the way. In this way, patients are also involved in the design because they can provide me with input on their comfort and on their appearance. You see, we work together with our valued patients to create these appliances. With this manner of fabrication, the chances for a successful result are enhanced greatly. Our patients value this quality of service.
So how long does this take? Within my office, we may have six appointments in order to create these appliances over a span of less than two months. Yes, this is longer than one day. However, our patients have been so pleased with the results.
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