Welcome Back to Our Resuming Dental Care!

We are so pleased to resume our dental care for you! Thank you so much for your trust, loyalty, and desire for returning to our office! It means a great deal to us that you are back!

As many of you know, the governor had effectively shut down all dental offices for about six weeks. Even though dentists are considered “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers,” I did not feel very essential during that time. I wanted to contribute in some meaningful way. I wanted to help to keep the economy and people’s lives going. However, I understand the intent of the closures, and it was deemed more essential for dental offices to essentially close.

During that time, I researched the novel coronavirus heavily, and how it would impact our community and the delivery of dental care. With all that research, I was able to move past the political headlines, obtain greater comfort in knowing facts as they became apparent, and I was able to prepare for the opening of my office. All my findings are posted within this website, as well as on our community Facebook page; we invite you to connect with us on Facebook so you can get meaningful information from us quickly.

Again, we are so grateful to you for your trust, for coming back to the office, and for allowing us to care for you! You bless our work and our careers. It was so difficult for us to not be working for you!

Please do continue your referring your friends, family, and coworkers to us. We welcome them all. And thank you so much for your kind online reviews; these make our reputation known and recognized by many. Our ability to maintain our unique patient-centered, quality-oriented, value-conscious, one-dentist-owned dental practice very much depends upon you all! Thank you again!

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