Single Front Tooth Needs a Crown

front tooth crown, front tooth veneer, Venincasa Dental

front tooth crown, front tooth veneer, Venincasa Dental
Which tooth has a crown?

There are times when patients need a single crown or veneer on a front tooth. These opportunities can be quite challenging since the shade matching can be so difficult for a single tooth. At times for a very front tooth, we may recommend that both front teeth be crowned or veneered in order to make a matched set. Yes, I realize this sounds a bit extreme. However, to be brutally honest, for those who need the best aesthetics, for those who are models or are on the television, or for those who are out in public and must have close to a perfect smile, having those two front teeth veneered or crowned may well be the best option.
The decision to have a veneer or a crown done depends on several factors. While veneers are more conservative, they do not work as well when there is marked gum recession, nor when there are defects or fillings on the sides or back side of the front teeth. Whether a crown or a veneer is done, the result can be very nice.
In the image above,  a crown was actually done instead of a veneer. The reason was because the upper lateral incisor, pictured as the second tooth from the left of the mid-line, was a microdont. In other words, the tooth was significantly smaller than is considered normal. As a result, there was less enamel to bond the veneer onto. So, with a crown, we had much more enamel with which to bond the crown onto.
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