The Start of a Dental Cosmetic Smile Makeover

smile makeover, dental makeover, Venincasa Dental

smile makeover, dental makeover, Venincasa Dentalsmile makeover, dental makeover, Venincasa DentalDental cosmetic makeovers do change lives.
Those who receive a dental cosmetic makeover find confidence, their self-esteem increases, and they smile more as a result. With all this, they may find themselves more willing to enhance their work life, and they may make changes in their personal life as well. We have seen this happen. It is a beautiful thing to see these patients return to the office for their preventive visits after completing their makeover. They wear a bigger smile. For some, they dress more professionally. Outside our office, they find others approach them more readily. They are often complimented on their smile, which they had not experienced before. Their lives do change.
For us, being able to provide a patient with a smile they wanted is tremendously fulfilling. These cases can be quite complex and involved. The time and energy in planning and implementing this care is great. Yet, the rewards are greater. We are privileged to have these patients share their changed lives with us. We too are privileged to be able to provide this care. We realize our abilities are gifts from our loving God. The ability to use these gifts in such a meaningful way allows us to more deeply understand that we can change lives for the better. Even with our own challenges in life, even with our own limitations as individuals, we realize that we have the power to positively impact people should we utilize our God-given talents for the greater good. We are indeed grateful for our patients and our opportunity to help them.
In the images above, our patient had been a grinder, or bruxer, for many years. Our patient decided that the time had come to enhance the smile she had lived with for many years. Due to all the damage from grinding, we opted to provide crowns for all the upper teeth. In time, she plans to complete her smile makeover by caring for her bottom teeth as well. In the mean time, she will maintain her home and professional preventive care.
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