COVID-19 Update: August 26, 2020

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With many schools now opening, many are perhaps a bit more anxious about this novel coronavirus. There is more very good news, even since last week!For the state of Texas, while the case positivity rate has bumped up a bit more over the past week, after dipping to the lowest it has been in the two months prior, the average numbers of daily infections, fatalities, and hospitalizations has continued to decline! The graphs attached clearly demonstrate this.

May I also add that hospitalizations in Collin County have also significantly decreased since mid-July, per their website. If we may recall, the rationale for community mitigation efforts was to prevent the over-running of our hospitals. This is not happening, and has not been happening for many weeks.

May we protect those who are most vulnerable. May we wash our hands many times daily. May we socially distance at six feet from those not living in our households and from those who are most vulnerable. May we wear masks when social distancing is more difficult over time. May we NOT TOUCH OUR FACES. May we stay home if we are sick. May we self-quarantine if we have had significant contact (15 minutes or more within six feet of an infected individual, per the CDC) with those who test positive to this virus.

May we find the comfort and the strength to make calculated efforts to establish more normalcy in our lives. The spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits to this is huge!

May we turn to our foundational sources for strength: facts, logic, and faith.

(referenced summary and images are from today’s postings of the Texas Department of State Health Services)

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