COVID-19 Update: Collin Cty, TX, September 1, 2020

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You may have heard about data from Collin County being compromised in some way. This was on the national news last week. It truly was disappointing news. I apologize for sharing their data, but I thought I could trust the Collin County website.

As a result, the Collin County website made a major change in their graph of the number of daily active infections on August 26, 2020, which resulted in the number of recoveries skyrocketing and the number of active infections dropping drastically.

Collin County Daily Viral Indices (from Collin County website)

Collin County continues to perform well in the viral indices. Feel free to open the imaged graphs to get a better feel for what they demonstrate. First, the number of daily fatalities has always been low and relatively flat. Second, the number of daily active infections has flattened out as well. Lastly, the number of daily hospitalizations in still relatively low compared to the peak of July 21, 2020.

Collin County Daily Hospitalization (from Collin County website)

Clearly, the hospitals are not overrun. There is no need to close things down as a result, which was the original concern for community mitigation in the first place. Collin County is doing very well.

May we continue our personal mitigation to get this thing done. Wear a mask when social distancing of six feet is more difficult over time. This applies as well with family members who do not live in your household. The virus does not know who is related to us 😏. Please continue washing your hands many times daily. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Stay home if you are sick. Protect those who are most vulnerable; the aged, and those with chronic conditions or co-morbidities, especially diabetes.

This community mitigation is up to us and no one else. We are the reason why this gets worse or gets better. May we keep our schools, places of worship, and places of business safe. We all play a role.

May we rely on our foundational sources for strength; facts, logic, and faith.

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