Is Our Government/Society Creating Its Own Religion?

Government and Religion

Government and ReligionI realize this headline may seem a bit extreme. However, upon pondering over some things this past few years, I do believe this is very quietly, un-noticeably happening in a very casual and attractively-packaged manner.
Let’s get right to the meat of why I ponder this; why I even question if our government/society is creating its own religion.
So we are at the heels of the United States Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Essentially, the over 2000-year definition of marriage has been re-defined. Whether you are for or against this, clearly now our national law and 37 states have laws which allow for same-sex marriage. As a result, we have laws now that are defining a moral code. This new moral code, in re-defining marriage, is very much against the moral codes of Judeo-Christian tradition. Many founding fathers of this country as well as many historians agree that this country was largely founded upon Judeo-Christian values. However, clearly again, our nation’s laws may now create conflicts among those of the Judeo-Christian tradition, forcing them to engage in business or tax ramifications which are against their own moral code. In essence, we have a new moral code which is enforceable by law.
Another example of our government/society perhaps creating its own religion is in the matter of legalized abortion. This Supreme Court decision in 1973 made it nationally legal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy during the first two trimesters. So in this example, a moral code was created which made it legal to kill a baby, or fetus, as science has proven over and over is a human being upon conception, contrary to many societal beliefs. As a result, the law allowed for abortions in situations even when an associated family member/father, who had a moral code more consistent with Judeo-Christian tradition, did not want the abortion. So again, in essence, we had a new moral code which is enforceable by law.
Moreover, for another example of our government/society perhaps creating its own religion may exist within the realm of physician-assisted suicide. Currently, five states allow for physician-assisted suicide in some way. However, a May 2015 Gallup Values and Beliefs survey shows that 68% of Americans believe that a physician should be allowed to assist a patient to commit suicide in certain situations. Time will tell if more states or even the United States Supreme Court create laws to allow for this. Clearly again, this moral code established by these laws and beliefs are contrary to our nation’s traditional Judeo-Christian values. Once again, families and loved ones may be forced to allow for physician-assisted suicide. Once again, in essence, we have a growing new moral code in this regard which is enforceable by law in five states.
Exploring further, for yet another example of our government/society perhaps creating its own religion may exist in terms of same-sex couple adoption. In this case, there are up to 32 states which allow for some form of same-sex couple adoption. Again, there are state laws which are contrary to the moral code of our country’s traditional Judeo-Christian values. A new moral code is being created and enforced by law. As a result, children are being introduced into non-traditional families by law. So in essence, the word and concept of family are being re-defined, and traditional moral codes are being trumped by state laws creating a new moral code which is enforceable.
Other examples exist I am sure. My aim is also to keep this read fairly brief.
To conclude, moral codes are changing by society and governments. Laws are being created to enforce these new moral codes which are contrary to our traditional Judeo-Christian values. Certainly there must be a foundation upon which our laws are based. Clearly, this foundation is changing. A new set of moral codes are being created; in essence, a governmental/societal religion may be in creation. The basis of these changes is unclear. The future of this country as a result has more uncertainty, since our foundation is changing.
My intent is not so much to explore in this post whether this is right or wrong. Simply, we must be cognizant. We must be careful. We must be vigilant. How far will this creation of a possible religion  go within our government and society? Secondly, in this recent time of political correctness, of being open to individual freedoms and rights, and of being tolerant of all peoples, we must be careful not to be intolerant of those of the traditional Judeo-Christian value system upon which this country was largely based. We must be careful not to be intolerant of any group of peoples. If tolerance, freedoms, and rights, are expected for all, we must make sure that really means all.

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