This kind and humble valued patient visited us with a very loose front tooth. He was concerned it was going to fall out one day. He wanted to get the tooth extracted and replaced in some way.

For a single tooth missing, as in this situation, he could opt for a removable partial denture, a dental implant with a crown, or a more conventional fixed partial denture referred to as a bridge.

After considering his options with their associated fees, advantages, and disadvantages, our patient freely chose to pursue a bridge.

The day the tooth was extracted, we made a custom temporary bridge for him. Immediately, he had an improvement. Following three months of healing after the extraction, we performed the final preparation for a bridge and took impressions.

The final bridge was delivered to him four months following the tooth extraction. He was very pleased with the temporary bridge we made for him; he was not in a hurry to get the final bridge.

With the amount of wear on his teeth, we strongly recommended a night guard to protect his investment, along with the rest of his teeth.