Enhancing Smiles with Veneers vs. Bonding

porcelain veneers and crowns

porcelain veneers and crownsOften patients are approached with the decision of which solution is best for enhancing their smile. Both veneers and bonding can enhance a smile. But which one is better?
The decision on how to enhance a smile is based upon numerous factors. In my practice, in general, for patients who have not entered high school yet, we would more likely lean towards the bonding option. The reason for this is that bonding is more easily repaired. Active children and young adults are more likely to damage their teeth from sports or something like that. So for them a more repairable option is preferred.
Bonding, Venincasa DentalAnother factor in determining which repair to perform has to do with the patient’s financial situation. Bonding involves spending less on the investment. The reason for this is that a dental laboratory does not need to be contracted to create bonding.
To present another generality within my practice, the more teeth that are involved in the smile enhancement, the more likely we will choose the veneer option. The reason for this is that artwork can be more attentively produced in a lab on a lab bench with ideal lighting as opposed to trying to create a nice symmetric result within the dental chair. Either option can work very well; however, I would choose porcelain veneers in these situations.
Moreover, for another consideration in determining which treatment option to pursue, we would actually research the online websites and reviews pertaining to the service provider. We also consult with the research arm of the American Dental Association. With all this information one can more intelligently choose between the service options.
If you are interested in finding out more specifically which is best for you, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580, or in any other manner you see available within this web page.

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