Do Root Canals Need to Be Done Through Crowns?

root canal dentist treatment pain-free, Venincasa Dental

root canal dentist treatment pain-free, Venincasa DentalThere is currently much interest within the Internet concerning doing root canal therapy through crowns. To address this, I will make a few points.
First, the procedure of root canal therapy through a crown is done tens of times daily in Dallas, I would imagine. The reason for this is that teeth with crowns have a history of trauma. This trauma may be from tooth breakage, tooth cracking, deep or extensive decay, and weakened tooth structure, among other things. As a result of the trauma that a tooth experiences, including being prepared for a crown, the nerve within the tooth may become inflamed and actually die.  This may even occur years after having the crown placed. Because of inflammation or necrosis of the tooth, severe pain or an abscess may become apparent. To treat this inflammation or necrosis, a root canal treatment is done. This is why root canals through crowns are quite common.
To decrease the potential need for a root canal treatment through a crown, patients have some control. First, having a reputable and quality-oriented dentist has a way of minimizing the trauma a tooth may experience. This decreases the risk for the need for a root canal. Second, if your dentist has recommended a night guard, then wearing it may decrease forces on the tooth that may lead to this increased trauma and potential for the health of the tooth to “turn south.” Third, by maintaining regularly scheduled preventive visits, patients can have dental problems addressed sooner, which then allows for more conservative treatment options. As a result, with less trauma at the time of treatment, then there is less of a risk for future root canal treatment. Clearly, patients have some control in decreasing the potential for a root canal treatment through a crown.
In my final point, I will state that root canal procedures are overused. Just because a tooth may cause pain, and just because a tooth is recommended for a crown, does not mean that the tooth needs root canal treatment. A reputable dentist will not be so quick to arriving at the recommendation for root canal therapy. Instead, a reputable dentist would look into all factors that may contribute to tooth pain. Oftentimes, a much simpler and less expensive treatment alternative should be pursued instead.
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