Oral Cancer Screening: More Important Than We May Think

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We all hear of loved ones or friends having breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, or melanoma, among other cancers.  However, we do not hear of oral cancer as much.  As a dentist I make it a priority to check for oral cancer with each examination.  Why would I do that?
Research indicates that in the United States one person dies of oral cancer every hour, on average.   In fact, more people die from oral cancer than from melanoma these days.  Research also shows that three times as many people get oral cancer than cervical cancer.  We may not be able to name someone we knew who had oral cancer; however, celebrities such as Babe Ruth, Burl Ives, Aaron Spelling, Eddie Van Halen, George Harrison, Jack Klugman, Jim Thorp, Roger Ebert, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Michael Douglas, among others, have all had oral cancer.  This is very real.
I invite you to view this one-minute YouTube video of Michael Douglas explaining the reality of oral cancer.  This cancer has very much changed.  Most oral cancer patients now are younger non-smokers.
Clearly you can see why I am so intent on performing these oral cancer screenings.  We perform them with each preventive examination.  If you are not receiving these important screenings we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580, or you may contact us by way of any of the methods you may see on this page.  We deeply care for our wonderful patients, the best dental patients in the world.

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