Finding an In-Network Dentist: Some Help

in-network dentist, PPO dentist, Venincasa DentalMany patients want to find a dentist within their network in order to perhaps save money. Their intent is indeed to save money. Are patients really saving money?

Let’s digress a bit. We have all seen those Liberty Mutual commercials. In one of them, the policy owner complains that their other insurance company wants to reimburse them for “3/4” of the value of their car. The policy holder is complaining about that. The commercial leads us to sympathize with her. We sense and agree that it is not fair that the insurance company should reimburse the policy holder for 3/4 of their car’s value.

With that being the case, back to dental insurance, why are patients so quick to select an in-network dentist when that dentist is often reimbursed or valued for less than 3/4 of the value of their services? Do you see the irony now? Many think the insurance company should reimburse 100% of the value of the lost car. Why are patients so quick to choose a dentist who is being reimbursed or whose services are being considered for less than 3/4 of the true value?

How is it that the dentist can afford to provide care at almost cost, when the average overhead in a dental office is known to be about 60%? The profit margins are being severely squeezed by the insurance companies when in-network. How is it that the dentists in-network can afford this? What are they doing to squeeze out profits? Are the laboratories making the dental work located out of state or out of the country, with lesser experienced laboratory technicians? Are the dental materials used made by lesser respected companies? Are the dental staff or dentist less experienced? Is the time allotted for dental treatment more restricted? Are multiple patients being treated at the same time? Are dental appointments rationed because other patients are paying more for their care? Are patients being pressured to pursue more care than they had intended? Again, how is it that the dental office can provide care at almost cost? Recall that Liberty Mutual commercial, when the policy-holder of another insurance company was complaining about being reimbursed only 3/4 of their car’s value. Should you give it more thought before going to an in-network dentist?

There are dentists who refuse to participate in these discounted fee schedule in-network insurance policies. There are dentists who consider practicing without limitations and hindrances by the insurance companies. My practice is one of them. If you are interested in my privately-owned, patient-centered, quality-oriented, and value conscious dental practice, we invite you to find out more about us. We often save patients thousands of dollars over their life time. That is why we have hundreds of patients who have been loyal to us for over 15 years. We invite you to find out more about Dr. Venincasa. We invite you to find out more about us. We invite you to call us for an appointment at (972) 250-2580.