Cosmetic Makeover for Broken and Chipped Front Teeth

cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic makeover, dental crowns, chipped teeth

cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic makeover, dental crowns, chipped teethWhen the front teeth are broken and chipped there are several options for repair. Dentists take into consideration the age of the patient, the amount of tooth structure affected and damaged, the condition of the adjacent and opposing teeth, and the desires of the patient. Options for repair may include bonding, porcelain veneers, or crowns. In this adjacent image is shown the effects that may occur when running with one’s dog. At times when running with one’s dog the dog may run right and one may not follow in the same direction. While holding the leash one may find themselves in a difficult predicament to stay balanced and upright. In this case the dog ran right and one continued straight, became off-balance while holding the leash, and became airborne for a short time and found himself attempting to take a bite out of the road. Basically the road won.  The effects of the impact with the road are apparent. Thankfully the roots of the teeth and the bones of the face did not fracture. cosmetic dentistry, chipped and broken teethIn deciding between the options presented earlier it was decided that crowns were best.
In the first visit we were able to prepare the teeth for the final crowns and placed temporary crowns. With the temporary crowns the patient had quite a nice, natural appearance aside from the abrasions and swelling on his upper lip and chin. Within three weeks the final crowns were placed; that was today. The patient left very pleased, thinking that the crowns looked even better than his natural teeth prior to the fall. Since the patient already was wearing a night guard due to grinding overnight, we were able to fit the night guard back on over the new crowns. This will help to preserve the integrity of these crowns for many years. The final result is shown here. If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic dental options we would be glad to invite you or them to our office for an appointment. We provide our cosmetic dental services in a way which is patient-centered, which respects the patient and their freedom to make a decision in the time period they are most comfortable, and we do not pressure our patients into cosmetic services they have not requested. Our patients truly value the way we respect them. We invite you to contact us for an appointment at (972) 250-2580, or contact us in any way you are comfortable which you find available within this web page.

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