Cosmetic Makeovers, My Philosophy

cosmetic dental makeover, dentures

We realize there are many dental practices that aggressively pressure patients to obtain cosmetic dental work.  While we enjoy these makeovers and while we are very good at what we do, we have an even healthier respect for our patients and their desires.  Never will we pressure patients to obtain any care.  However, if a patient opens the conversation about a makeover or cosmetic dental care, we will gladly offer information for making an informed choice.
In assisting patients with decisions upon cosmetic dentistry, we from the outset provide estimated costs, estimated time for completion, advantages of care, and disadvantages of care.  We also show images of before and after care so patients may see what is possible.  Upon making a decision on care, our patients see our dedication to providing a very nice result.  They see our dedication to including them on decisions for what the final result will look like.  They see our commitment of time and energy that we invest on them and their care.  They also see our desire to have a result which functions as well as it looks.  We have seen the functional aspects sacrificed too many times in the past on our patient’s previous care; we can correct these to provide for a longer-lasting and more comfortable result.
If we can assist you with this kind of cosmetic dental care, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580, or in any other way easily accessible from this page.

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