Venincasa Dental Office Re-Opening Monday, May 4, 2020!

Governor Greg Abbott has allowed for dental offices to fully re-open when prepared. We are so excited to let you know that we will fully re-open our dental office this Monday, May 4, 2020, at 7am!

Yes, things have changed in this life in many ways. We recall seeing images from China in January 2020 with merchants taking temperatures of their clients, and with people wearing face masks in public. We may have thought something like, “Man, I am so glad this is not happening here,” or something like, “This could never happen in the United States.” My, have things changed.

Things have changed within our dental practice as well. While we have always been prepared to provide a clean and safe environment, standards have become more stringent to prevent novel coronavirus transmission as much as possible. As a result, we may be asking more questions of you prior to and at your visits, we may be asking you to wait in your car prior to our calling you to allow you in, we will be taking your temperature with a thermal thermometer, we have personal safety signs on the doors, counter tops, and other areas, we have hand sanitizer available for you at Caitlyn’s check-in and check-out desks, and we may be asking you to leave the office through our back door into the same hallway as our entrance. During treatment, you will see us wearing additional protection as well. Further, to let you know, your wearing a mask within our office is optional. All of this is for your safety and protection!

Dr. V has been spending countless hours studying this novel coronavirus. You may have already seen his extensive postings on Facebook or within our website concerning this pandemic. Honestly, if you are not yet connected with us on Facebook, we invite you to do that right now; we offer much in the way of pertinent and perhaps emergent information there. We are most definitely as ready as we can be for our fully re-opening. We continue to act and manage things in a way which benefits you, our valued patients. If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know. We have always maintained a personal and more intimate doctor-patient relationship here, as you well know. This has not changed at all. We are so ready to welcome you back.

As we always have, we value your trust, your kind referrals, and we value your presence with us here. You bless us and our work immensely. You all give our work a higher meaning. We are so grateful for you! Again, we are so ready to welcome you back, starting Monday, May 4, 2020!

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