Dental Patients and Mask Wear

Mask wear in a dental office.

We realize that there are still some medical entities that require mask wear by patients. Within my dental office, masks are generally not required, as is consistent with CDC recommendations.

While our clinical personnel wear masks and perhaps also face shields, patients are not required to wear masks. However, if a patient is coughing with some regularity, we do think mask wear is very appropriate. Certainly, sick patients should not come to the dental office until they are healthy. Obviously, we care for the health of every patient.

This COVID pandemic has created much in the way of confusion. Certainly, politics is infiltrating almost every governmental entity, which causes facts to be interpreted in several ways. Please be assured that our decisions within my office are not based on politics. Our decisions are based upon medical facts, which at times may vary from political talking points from time to time.

Again, our decisions are never politically motivated; we are only medically motivated. We care most about your health, no matter your politics. We are a medical entity; not a political entity.

We thank you for your interest. We thank you for your trust. We invite you to make an appointment by calling us at (972) 250-2580. We invite you to peruse our website, which is published by the owner-dentist, Dr. Mark Venincasa.

Thank you again!

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