Colon and Rectal Cancers Rising Among Younger Americans

colon cancer, Venincasa Dental

colon cancer, Venincasa DentalAmericans in the early 50’s in age and younger are experiencing increases in colon and rectal cancer rates. This was found in a report that was published yesterday, February 28, 2017, within the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. It seems obesity is to blame. Americans in this younger age group are experiencing these cancers at rates 2-4 times greater than the same age group forty years ago.
The problems associated with obesity are also those associated with this increase in colon and rectal cancer rates. These problems include poor dietary habits and having a more sedentary lifestyle. To add to this problem with increasing cancer rates, American children and teens these days have higher rates of obesity. As a result, these cancer rates will continue to climb unless healthier lifestyles are chosen.
To add to the solutions to decreasing these colon and rectal cancer rates among younger Americans, this healthier lifestyle includes getting or staying leaner, eating healthier, and being physically active. Moreover, the symptoms of colon and rectal cancers can be better evaluated by patients. Should patients experience these symptoms or if a physician indicates you have anemia, then an examination or consultation with a specialist is in order. This specialist may perform a rectal examination and may also perform a colonoscopy. Finally, the American Cancer Society is looking into potentially reassessing its guidelines for when colon cancer screening should be performed, which is now recommended at the age of 50.
Clearly, there is a concern with these increased rates of colon and rectal cancer among younger Americans. May we all be more cognizant of living a healthier lifestyle, for these reasons and others. We thank you for your interest in my website.
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