Signs That You Need a Root Canal

toothache, root canal

toothache, root canalMany patients may wonder if they need a root canal. Signs and symptoms may point towards the need for root canal therapy; however, the final determination is best obtained by seeing a reputable dentist. With this written, let’s explore some signs that may point to the need for a root canal.
One sign of the need for a root canal is a compressible swelling near the end of the root inside your mouth. This compressible swelling may drain a foul tasting fluid at times. This sign is an abscess and may point towards a tooth that has become non-vital. Depending on the tooth it may be recommended for root canal therapy, an extraction, or for perhaps a deep cleaning. This is why the final answer is best obtained by seeing a reputable dentist.
Another sign of the need for a root canal is severe pain which may be constant, or pain which persists for over ten minutes after a tooth is subjected to cold, heat, pressure, or chewing. This may point towards a tooth which is starting the process which leads to a dental abscess. Again, a reputable dentist is best to determine if this is indeed what is going on.
Lastly, another sign of the need for a root canal is if the tooth is broken away for the most part to the gum line. With so much tooth structure missing there is not enough tooth to hold onto. A root canal may be needed so that the tooth can be better reconstructed to hold onto a crown. Other options for teeth like this may also include extraction. Again, a reputable dentist can best determine which option is recommended for your tooth like this.
So to summarize, signs that a tooth may need a root canal include the presence of the compressible swelling, the sensation of severe pain over time, or if the tooth is severely broken down. The need for a root canal is best determined by a reputable dentist. You can find a reputable dentist online through reviews from actual patients. We invite you to review our certified reviews. We invite you to research more on root canals within my website. We invite you to contact my office in any way you see available on this web page for us to assist you with the determination of the need for a root canal. We thank you for taking the time to peruse our web site.

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