Sleep Dentistry

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison sleep dentistry painlessSome patients are quite anxious about getting dental work done.  There are numerous reasons why this occurs.  One of the most common reasons why patients are particularly anxious about getting dental work done is because of a poor experience caused by a dentist.  This is very disappointing.  How can it be that dentists can be our own worst enemy?

To assist patients with this anxiety, we can discuss with the patient in a comfortable manner the reasons for the anxiety to some degree.  This allows us to be able to manage our patient’s care better.  We do care very much in providing a wonderful experience.  We do want to care for our patients in a manner which demonstrates how we ourselves would want to be treated.

After discussing the anxiety and the patient’s medical history, we can then prescribe a medication that can alleviate the anxiety.  The most common medications used are basically sleeping pills; hence, the name “sleep dentistry” was coined.  By taking the medication the night prior to the appointment, about an hour prior to the appointment, and perhaps even during the appointment, anxiety can be very well managed.  Patients can relax very easily, patients can sleep or can mentally remove themselves from the dental office, and patients can have a very good dental experience.

With good experiences created with sleep dentistry, it is not at all uncommon for patients to refuse the medication after several appointments.  The reason for that is patients begin to believe that there is not much about our appointments that would create the anxiety they had anticipated.  Moreover, without the medication patients are not as drowsy following the appointment.  In addition, without the medication patients can drive themselves to and from the dental appointments.

Sleep dentistry has many benefits.  If we can assist you or someone you know with sleep dentistry please let us know.  Feel free to contact us today.