Sleep Dentistry: Reducing Anxiety

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Patient undergo dental treatment in dental clinic

Some patients are quite anxious about getting dental work done.

One of the most common reasons is a poor experience caused by a previous dentist. This is very disappointing.  How can it be that dentists can be our own worst enemy?

If you experience anxiety before a dental appointment, we can help.

After discussing your anxiety and medical history, Dr. Venincasa can prescribe a medication to alleviate the anxiety.  The most common medications used are similar to sleeping aids.

By taking the medication the night prior to the appointment, about an hour prior to the appointment, and perhaps even during the appointment, anxiety can be very well managed.

Patients can relax very easily, or even sleep, and the result is a very good dental experience.

After positive experiences created with sleep dentistry, some patients will no longer request medication after several appointments. As an added benefit, without medication patients can drive themselves to and from their dental appointments.

We can ease your next visit with sleep dentistry. Request an appointment now and be sure to let us know your interest.