Poor Oral Hygiene May Alone Be Associated with High Blood Pressure

hypertension, high blood pressure, Venincasa Dentla

hypertension, high blood pressure, Venincasa DentlaIn the July 2015 issue of the Journal of Periodontology, it was reported that Korean researchers had found that poor oral hygiene may lead to an increased incidence of hypertension. These researchers had done a study on almost 20,000 patients from the years of 2008-2010. They found that those with poor oral hygiene habits had an increased incidence of hypertension, while those with good oral hygiene habits had a significantly lower incidence of the same. These results may point to the fact that oral hygiene may be an independent factor in the development of hypertension, along with other independent or combination of factors.
This is somewhat consistent with research over the past 10-20 years, which has provided an association between periodontal disease and an increased incidence of diabetes and heart disease.
The American Heart Association reports that over 80 million Americans have hypertension. The risks of hypertension include stroke, cardiovascular problems, and kidney damage.
The American Association of Periodontists does have recommendations to improve oral hygiene. These include regular flossing, brushing twice daily, and going to your dentist for at least an annual comprehensive periodontal examination.
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