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We are sincerely interested in saving our patients money.  We do understand the financial difficulties that patients experience.  I have five children myself; I do understand the pressures that patients experience in providing for their families.  My dental practice is subject to downturns in the economy just the same as our patients are subject to the same downturns.  We are sympathetic and we are empathetic.
As a result of our sensitivity to our patient’s hard-earned money, as a result of our fundamental principles including doing the right thing and treating others as we would want to be treated, we are careful in how we present recommendations to our patients.  Never will we pressure patients to obtain cosmetic dental procedures they have not requested.  Never will we offer spa services to our dental patients; how did that happen anyway?  Never will we perform procedures that are unnecessary according to current dental science.  Never will we “upsell” patients on care that is not truly needed.  Certainly honesty plays a big part in how we do business.  Honesty has been a virtue that has been taught to me at all times in my life.  I am deeply committed to being honest with every patient.
Speaking of honesty, I realize many people are always looking for someone they can trust to fix their cars, to provide home repairs, or to babysit.  I am here to tell you that we are that kind of a business.  We can be trusted.  Our patients do feel very comfortable with us and our honesty.  It is ever-present.  It does not matter who you are or who you know.  We are always honest.
In saving patients money, our aim is to provide care that minimizes a patient’s potential for problems in the future.  We have heard way too many times from patients who say that every time they visit a dentist that they need more dental care.  For many patients the chain never seems to break; their mouths seem to always be in need of repair.  This may result from poor care from the patients themselves.  However, it can also result from dental care that is not done extremely well or from dental diagnosis that is not completely considering all factors contributing to the problems.  So, to assist our wonderful patients we show them how to best care for their teeth and we take our time to do this.  Our appointments are not rushed nor are they double-booked.  We care too much for our patients to run the office that way.
I must humbly state that our care is meticulously done.  Another fundamental principle within me is doing things right the first time.  I realize that inadequate dental treatment leads to further expenditure for patients.  I do want to save our patients money, time, and aggravation.  I assure you that our dental care is very carefully delivered with quality and personal service always in mind.  This is a hallmark of my dental practice.  Moreover, we take the time to examine for other factors that may be contributing to frequent dental problems.  Many times over we have been able to break that chain.  There are times when patients can feel confident about their dental health and can experience preventive visits regularly with very good check up reports.
We do very much want to save our patients money. We deeply care about our patients and we are happy to help them in this way.  We do have the best patients in the world.  If you are interested in our kind of a dental office, we invite you to contact us to make an appointment!

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