Cosmetic Makeover: Under Construction

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dental cosmetic makeover veneers laminatesdental cosmetic makeover veneers laminatesCosmetic makeovers are actually fun for us.  We work with patients to find out exactly what their desires are and we work with them to create that.  We partner with our valued patients to help them look the way they want.  In my practice this process is very patient-centered.  In other practices this process may be quite different.
We have heard from our own patients how they were pressured elsewhere to obtain cosmetic dentistry.  We have heard from our patients that they were not at all involved in creating their new look, that the restorations were actually cemented into place prior to the patient being able to even evaluate the result.  We have heard from our patients that they were not happy with the result of a prior makeover done elsewhere from the time they were placed.  We have seen makeovers done elsewhere fall apart in a relatively short time.
We deeply care for our patients.  We empathize with the meaning of the financial commitment our patients make to obtain these makeovers.  We want our patients to be more than satisfied with our process and our result.  We go the extra mile, we work for hours behind the scenes, and we are so very committed to provide a wonderful result for our valued patients.
If we can interest you in a complimentary consultation or in an appointment we invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580.

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