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Answering Your Dental Questions

dental information honest caring gentleWe understand there are many sources for obtaining information concerning dentistry.  We have worked very hard to provide a website that may answer many of your questions.  Our intent is to be honest, brief, and relevant.  We have also decided recently to provide you to a wealth of honest information through the American Dental Association.  With this additional source we hope to enhance your trust in us as well as to provide you with more good information.
ADA Patient Education
My practice has consistently humbly presented itself as a place where patients can feel comfortable, where patients know they are treated with respect and with honesty, where patients understand that I truly am looking out for their best interests, where patients may know that we strive to provide care which is long-lasting and time-proven, and where patients may understand that we are providing care which can save them thousands of dollars over their lifetime.  We provide all this in a very friendly, less formal, remarkably personal manner, with a great deal of empathy.  We value our loyal patients.  We also value informed patients.  Feel free to view the information created by the American Dental Association as well.  Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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