Dental Insurance and Saving Money on Dentistry

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An Insurance-Driven, Retail Dental Office (no discounted mattresses here)

Many patients think that going to a dental office that is listed on their dental insurance plan is going to save them money. This is understandable. These listed dental offices, in exchange for being listed and “preferred,” accept a significant hit to their profit margins due to fee contracts they sign with the insurance companies. Do you think this hit to their profit margins benefits you, and saves you money?

We have had too many patients who have come to our office wanting a second opinion, because they were told they needed a “deep cleaning” for the first time ever, when visiting one of their “preferred” providers. Oftentimes, we do not agree at all; they were in a healthy or near healthy condition.

At other times, patients come in with dental work which has failed within a very short period of time. They do not want to go back to the “preferred” provider because they have lost trust. The huge disappointment is that these patients now have to get this work fixed, at times with additional resultant damage, and this time insurance will not pay for it because they have already paid.

To be honest, just because a dental provider is “preferred” does not mean that they should not be trusted. However, these “preferred” providers do take a hit to their profit margins because of the insurance company’s fee contract. As a result of these fee contracts, some “preferred” providers may sacrifice their ethical standards to in some way overcome the hit to their profit margins.

Within my office, we are not a listed provider with any insurance contract. As a result, we do not have the same pressures as “preferred” providers. In fact, we do save patients thousands of dollars over the long run because we are honest, we are conservative, we provide excellent quality care, we have only one dentist who owns and provides care for the practice, and because we truly care about each and every patient. You all matter to us, you all deserve respect, and we honor your dignity.

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