Why a Smile Makeover?

Patients desire smile makeovers for differing reasons. Some patients have particular issues they want enhanced. Other patients want that “Hollywood smile.” We can assist patients with obtaining what they want.

We do not see our job as forcing them to get more care than they had requested. We do not see our job as informing our dear patients that their smiles are sub-standard. We respect our patients immensely. For this reason, we allow our patients to drive what they want to obtain cosmetically.

We may well provide options for care; however, it is the patient who decides what is do be done. As this example illustrates, the patient did not want the midline space closed, and he did not want the front two teeth treated.

In this case, our valued patient did not like the yellower root surfaces that existed following many years of recession. He wanted the teeth to be white and wanted the root surfaces to be whiter as well. He opted to have two upper front teeth crowned that exist on either side of the front two teeth and he also wanted the lower front six teeth crowned.

The pictures above illustrate the before and after images for this cosmetic, smile makeover. Your results may vary; however, we remain dedicated to every patient and all patients are cared for by one dentist, Dr. Venincasa.

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