Cosmetic Dentistry: Crowns and Veneers Can Change a Smile!

cosmetic dentistry, veneers, Venincasa dental

cosmetic dentistry, veneers, Venincasa dentalOftentimes, minor tooth correction can enhance a smile immensely. In this case, the patient had composite fillings, also known as bonding. This bonding was done many years prior, and it had discolored considerably.
We advised the patient of her options, and she chose ceramic crowns. With ceramic crowns, she was be able to whiten these teeth and enhance the shape of them. We were able to accomplish that through anesthetizing the teeth, removing the older bonding material, refining the teeth, and taking impressions. As a result, we were able to provide the patient with nicer ceramic crowns to replace the older bonding.
The result illustrated on the bottom image is quite a change from the before picture on top. The patient left very pleased.
If you have an interest in cosmetic dentistry, we do have available many options for enhancing one’s smile. By coming in for a consultation, we can discuss your desires, evaluate the dental situation, and we can offer you some idea of options and fee ranges.  If you want to see more cosmetic cases of ours, please follow this link. If you want to know more about our cosmetic services, please follow this link. If you are interested in our online patient reviews, please follow this link.
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