Cerec Single-Appointment Crowns and Partial Crowns

For years, patients have had to endure two separate appointments in order to obtain a crown or a partial crown. While that may still be the case at times, there is a way in which patients can obtain a crown within two hours. This technology is a CAD-CAM procedure by Cerec.

Cerec has been in existence since the mid-1980s. It was developed in Europe because silver fillings were banned. Cerec crowns are now amongst the most researched restoration in dentistry today. Millions of these restorations have been done.

Their strength and durability is impressive. Because the crowns are made from computer images, the fit is very precise.  In addition, because the ceramic tooth-colored crown material is made in a very precise environment under ideal conditions, it is quite strong.

We have been offering Cerec restorations in our office since 2001. We have made hundreds of them within our office.  Because they are made in a single visit, their are no temporaries that can fall out. Within two hours, the entire process is complete.

Patients Rave about Cerec Crowns

Patients are surprised when they learn they can receive a crown or a partial crown within two hours. They are used to receiving a temporary crown and having to return back to the dental office within a few weeks to receive their final crown.

The patients also like the fact that they feel so real. That is because with Cerec technology, the final restoration can actually be the same size and shape as the original tooth. They can also be polished in the office to feel like a tooth’s surface.

Moreover, they are so much more pleasing to look at than the tried and true silver fillings. Not only that, but patients appreciate that their teeth are strengthened by these restorations. Silver and white fillings do not strengthen teeth.

With stronger teeth, there is less risk of breakage and decay. These restorations can last for many years.

What David Letterman Didn’t Know…

If only former late night talk show host David Letterman had paid a visit to our office! In 2008, Letterman lamented the hassles of temporary crowns and repeat visits to the dentist’s office:

Cerec: Step by Step Procedure Within 2 Hours

Having a Cerec restoration performed is initially not much different than having a filling done. Just as with a filling, the decay is removed, or the faulty filling and the decay are removed.

Following decay removal, the computer of the Cerec acquisition unit captures an image of the prepared tooth. We utilize a corded wand to take the photograph. The computer then can be used to design the final restoration, as seen on the monitor. Once all designing is completed, the details of the design are sent wirelessly to the milling unit.

At the milling unit, the final restoration is located within a precision-made all-ceramic block. It takes about 10-15 minutes for the restoration to be milled. Once the restoration has been fabricated, it is placed on the tooth. The restoration is bonded to the tooth, which creates a very strong final result. 

The Cerec restorations are beautiful. They enhance the strength of teeth, and they re-establish the proper function for teeth. Since these are accomplished within the office in less than two hours, there is no need for a temporary restoration which may fall out, and there is no need for a second office visit to receive the final restoration.

Hundreds of our patients have come to greatly appreciate this wonderful technology. If you are interested in Cerec restorations, please contact us today to make an appointment.

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