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Venincasa Dental, beach, boardwalk, dental care

Venincasa Dental, beach, boardwalk, dental careWe have just completed our summer break from work. We had time to enjoy our families, to spend more personal time away, and to perhaps appreciate the beauty of the world around us and of those around us. We are relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to once again provide for our wonderful patients.
Those who know me know that I do not live to work. As much as I value my work life, I love my time with my family and friends. Time is so very precious. Those who know me also know that I cannot stay on vacation for long. They know that after about 5 days I am ready to get back into my life. I have this inner need to work, to help people, and to provide something for others. Perhaps it is a curse for some; yet, for me, this is a blessing. I realize many may not understand my view.
I loved the beaches in the Emerald Coast of Florida. I loved my daily walk on the beach. I loved my boardwalk pictured above. I loved spending time away from schedules, responsibilities, and the routine of life. I do value these times off. With that said, I did it, and I am ready to go back to care for our wonderful patients.
I shared these sentiments with a football coach I met from Russellville, Kentucky. I also shared these sentiments with a nice family I met from Pasadena, Texas. I shared with them how much a valued my patients, the routine of my life, and my career. We were sharing great times at the pool and at the beach, yet I could not help but to share with them my life back home. Perhaps I am odd. However, I find myself grateful for the time off and grateful for the opportunity to get back to my vocation starting tomorrow at 7 am.
I do consider myself tremendously blessed by our loving God. Life does have its problems and its stresses; however, I do still very much honestly feel tremendously blessed. I thank my patients for blessing me and my staff so much for being the best patients in the world. We know they are the best because, frankly, we know them!
If you are not yet a patient and value some of what my dedicated team and I value, we invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580, or to contact us in any other manner you see available on this web page.

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