Cosmetic Smile Makeovers – 5

missing tooth, bridge, cosmetic, smile makeover, makoverThis kind and humble valued patient visited us having a very loose front tooth.  He was concerned it was going to fall out one day.  He wanted to get the tooth extracted and replaced in some way.  For a single tooth missing as in this situation he could opt for a removable partial denture, a dental implant with a crown, or a more conventional fixed partial denture referred to as a bridge.  After considering his options with their associated fees, advantages, and disadvantages, our patient freely chose to pursue a bridge.

The day the tooth was extracted we made a custom temporary bridge for him.  Immediately he had an improvement.  Following three months of healing after the extraction, we performed the final preparation for a bridge and took impressions.  The final bridge was delivered to him four months following the tooth extraction.  To be honest with you, he was very pleased with the temporary bridge we made for him; he was not in a hurry to get the final bridge.

With the amount of wear on his teeth we strongly recommended nightly night guard wear to protect his investment along with the rest of his teeth.

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missing tooth, makeover, smile makeover, cosmetic, missing tooth

Our Custom Temporary Bridge

missing tooth, smile makeover, makeover, cosmetic, bridge

Our Custom Final Bridge