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dental dentist newsletter communication friendly honest value payment plansInforming Our Patients: Our Honest, Timely, and Personally Written Newsletters

We truly value our patients.  We always want to respect and be honest with our patients.  For these reasons we write our own copy for the newletters.  Our attempt is to keep them brief, timely, honest, and unique.  We also want them to be more intimate and personal for our patients.  We truly value our relationships with our patients and we still very much appreciate their referring their friends, family, and coworkers to us. 

We invite you to peruse our newsletter archive.  Feel free to socially share them.  Our hope is that you find them to be informative and interesting.  Our hope is to let you all learn more about us and about dentistry.  Enjoy! 

If you have any comments feel free to contact us.  If you are interested in making an appointment we invite you to contact our north Dallas office by calling (972) 250-2580.

June 2016: Our Unique Practice, Summer Break, Oil Pulling

February 2016: Our Affordable Care, Gum Bleeding and Asthma, Gaps in Teeth

December 2015: Our Unique Practice, the Year End, Making Dentistry Affordable

October 2015: Acid Reflux, the Year’s End, Our Unique Practice

September 2015: Our Website, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canals

June 2015: Our Unique Practice, Summer Dental Appointments, Smokeless Tobacco

May 2015: School is Out, Wisdom Teeth, Saving Time and Money

April 2015: Saving Dental Expenses, Preventive Care, Dental Lasers

February 2015: Conservatism, Wisdom Teeth, Top 3 Dallas Dentist

January 2015: Dentistry’s Changing, Our/Your Website, Porcelain Veneers

December 2014: The Year’s End, Your Sweet Tooth, Our Intraoral Cameras

November 2014: A Unique Practice, Year’s End, Taking Blood Pressure

October 2014: Regular Dental Care, Oral Cancer Screening, Bonding Gaps Between Teeth

August 2014: Time for Treatment?, Preventing Dental Problems, Dental Implants

June 2014: Changes in Dental Care, Obamacare, Wisdom Teeth Extractions

May 2014: About Dr. V, Dental Bonding, Dental Insurance

March 2014: Changes in Other Dental Offices, Laser Dentistry, Signs of Needing a Root Canal 

February 2014: Continuing Our Education, Dental Insurance, Lower Cost Dental Care

January 2014: Our Commitment, Regular Dental Care, Root Canal or Implant?

December 2013: Our Preventive Care, Teeth Whitening Options

November 2013: Calendar Year Benefits, Wisdom Teeth, Cosmetic Dentistry

September 2013: End of Calendar Year Insurance Benefits, Dental Implants, Sleep Dentistry

August 2013:, Root Canal Therapy, Dental Insurance

July 2013: Water for Hydration, Preventive Dental Visits, Xylitol

June 2013: Top Job of 2013, Root Canal Therapy, Our Preventive Care

May 2013: Archived Newsletters, Digital X-Rays, Wisdom Teeth

April 2013: Top Dentist in Texas, Nice Healthy Teeth, Cosmetic Makeovers

March 2013: Our Website, Cerec Crowns, Comfortable Payment Options

February 2013: Dental Implants, You Can Trust Dr. V, Digitial X-Rays

January 20, 2013: Our Preventive Care, Our New Website, My Solo Practice

December 2012: Smile Makeovers, End of Year Benefits, Single Visit Crowns

November 2012: The Year End, Dental Insurance, Cerec Restorations

September 2012: Year-End Insurance Benefits, Our Valued Reviews!, Sleep Dentistry

August 2012: Our Unique Practice, The Quality, Service, and Price Triangle, Affordable Dental Care

July 2012: My Practice’s Future, Making Care Affordable, Summer Dental Prevention

June 2012: From Your Dentist, Dental Bonding, Payment Options

June 2012: My Unique Practice, Dental Bonding, Wisdom Teeth

February 14, 2012: Thanks for Caring, Our Preventive Care Program, Strengthening Teeth

January 9, 2012: Preventing Problems, Our Unique Dental Practice

November 20, 2011: Thanksgiving, Saving Patients Money

October 24, 2011: End of Year Benefits, Reviews of our Practice

September 27, 2011: Sleep Dentistry, Dental Implants

August 31, 2011: Losing Weight, Saving Dental Dollars

August 8, 2011: Find Us on Facebook

July 11, 2011: Healthier Eating, Tooth Whitening

July 11, 2011: Healthier Eating, Re-visiting Insurance and Payments

May 17, 2011: Sonicare Brushes, Teeth Whitening, Dental Insurance

February 8, 2011: A Trusting Dentist, Our Easier Payment Arrangements