Recommended by Angie’s List

We Are a Featured General Dental Practice on Angie’s List!

Starting this month, we have become a featured general dental practice on Angie’s List Health online and magazine versions.  This is possible due to the wonderful reviews we have received from our valued patients.  Angie’s List has been in existence for quite a while.  They decided to separate out the medical and dental providers recently.  That is how Angie’s List Health began.  We invite you to see our listing within the Angie’s List site.  We invite our valued patients to provide a review or report on our practice.  This site allows us to let prospective patients know about our services.  It also allows prospective patients to review the comments of existing patients.  Naturally, the best referrals we obtain for our practice come from the compliments of our existing patients.  The site is linked below: