Novel Coronavirus: Update of July 11, 2020

Novel Coronavirus: COVID-19

COVID-19 Update of 07-11-2020:

There are some people, for political reasons, who “sing the praises” of European medical care in relation to this virus. According to WHO, as of 07-11-2020, the Americas have 64% more of their population infected with the virus than Europe, but the Americas have experienced 37% less fatalities from the virus than Europe, of those who tested positive.

Also according to WHO, the worldwide areas with increasing case numbers currently include the Americas as well as SE Asia.

The following information concerning the state and counties are from the Texas Department of State Health Services, and the information on Plano, Texas, comes from the city of Plano:

Peak Dates of Daily New Cases:
Texas July 7 Dallas County July 7 Collin County July 7

Peak Dates of Daily Fatalities
Texas July 9 Dallas County July 1 Collin County July 10

Cumulative Recoveries
Texas 123,000 Dallas Cty 16,600 Collin Cty 3300 Plano 914

Currently Active Cases
Texas 114,000 Dallas Cty 12,000 Collin Cty 608 Plano 198
(notice how in Texas and Dallas County, the number of recoveries almost equals the number of active cases!!)

Cumulative Fatalities
Texas 3000 Dallas Cty 436 Collin Cty 56 Plano 14

Cumulative Viral Tests Performed
Texas 2.4 million Dallas Cty 229,000 Collin Cty 57,000

We have often addressed how active case numbers are increasing in a significant way due to the increasing rate of testing being done. This is more so true now, as since June 16, 2020, the state number of tests done has increased by 60% daily, the Dallas County number of tests done has increased by 81% daily, and the Collin County number has increased by 68% daily.

The state positivity testing rate has been increasing since May 26, 2020, with a peak on July 8, 2020, and currently the rate is at about 13%. Having a positivity rate above 10% is problematic, according to the CDC.

The state antibody positivity testing rate is currently at 3.5%, with over 214, 000 tests performed.

In addressing the number of active case numbers, the state number has increased, since June 16, 2020, by over 400%, the Dallas County number has increased by over 260%, the Collin County number has increased by almost 200%, and the Plano number has increased by 30%. Clearly, there is a tremendous amount of community spread.

In the state, 40% of fatalities are of those over 80 years old, and 74% of fatalities are of those over 65 years old.

The whole reason for all this mitigation is to prevent the over-running of hospitals. In Texas and in north central Texas, 15% of the hospital beds are now available, compared to June 16, 2020, when it was 24-27%. Since June 16, 2020, the number of available state ICU beds has decreased by 44%, currently at 940. In contrast to this, the number of state available ventilators decreased by 13%. Since June 16, 2020, in north central Texas, the number of available ICU beds decreased from 525 to 259, at 51% less. Currently, in north central Texas, there are 1138 available ventilators, and there are 1872 COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

WE HAVE GOT TO CONTINUE OUR MITIGATION. In the past month, the number of available hospital beds has been cut in half, although significantly less patients require the ventilator. We cannot allow the hospitals to get over-run!

Please, wear your masks when in public, wash your hands multiple times daily, do not go out if you have symptoms, quarantine if you have had meaningful contact with someone who tested positive or has symptoms, and do not touch your face with your hands. We have got to get control of this.

Clearly, the state should not be allowing for anything else to open up for at least another two weeks, depending on our community response.

May we rely on our sources and foundations of strength: facts, logic, and faith.