Updated Dental Prevention Guidelines for 2016

Most of us have known for years that it has been recommended to see your dentist every six months. With research, this recommendation among others are often re-evaluated. We would like to share with … [Read more...]

An Incident of Decay Causing Neck and Head Pain

Just yesterday, I was making my fairly regular follow up calls to patients who had recently received more than a mild amount of dental care. One of my calls was to Brent. He had pursued some fairly … [Read more...]

How Long Should I Use a Toothbrush?

I understand many of us do not give much thought to the toothbrush. We have one, we use it, and that is about it. In this relatively short post, my attempt will be to provide some information which is … [Read more...]

Untreated or Undiagnosed Acid Reflux

I can understand why you may question my writing about acid reflux. What does this have to do with dentistry? Well, I cannot say I find this to be a prevalent problem. However, I can say that I can … [Read more...]

If the Eyes are the Window to the Soul, Is Your Mouth a Window to Your General Health?

Many have been credited with the quotation, "The eyes are the window to the soul." Most of us have seen or heard this quote before. Perhaps we have even pondered the meaning. We may have explored this … [Read more...]

Poor Oral Hygiene May Alone Be Associated with High Blood Pressure

In the July 2015 issue of the Journal of Periodontology, it was reported that Korean researchers had found that poor oral hygiene may lead to an increased incidence of hypertension. These researchers … [Read more...]

Dental Health is Indeed Linked to Your General Health

For the past 15 years or so, it has become very clear that dental health is indeed linked to one's general health. Many articles and research studies have been published on this very subject. In fact, … [Read more...]

Is Your Sweet Tooth Sensitive to Sweets?

The holidays are coming! To some degree we are all preparing in our own way. Included in our celebrations of course is enjoying holiday and Christmas treats. Do you have a tooth that has been … [Read more...]

How Long Can I Wait to See a Dentist?

Many people want to save money. Some patients may want to delay seeing a dentist until something breaks. Some may want to delay until they perceive pain. Some may want to wait until they perceive that … [Read more...]

Laser Treatment to Heal the Gums

We have all heard of lasers being used to treat skin discoloration, to remove hair growth, and to smooth out wrinkles. Dental laser systems have been researched since the 1960's. For over ten years … [Read more...]