Does Scripture Support the Pro-Choice Stance?

PARMA, ITALY - APRIL 16, 2018: The fresco of Macacre of Inocents in Duomo by Lattanzio Gambara (1567 - 1573). There are some who quote from Sacred Scriptures to support their pro-choice stance on … [Read more...]

The Opioid Crisis: An Update

Oxycodone is the generic name for a range of opioid pain-killing tablets. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that there were a record number of American opioid deaths … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks: Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude

With this being the month of Thanksgiving, and with me thinking about how my faith life truly ignited, for which I am truly grateful, I consider how this all started for me. I think about a certain … [Read more...]

Dr. V’s Secrets for Good Dental Health: No Lie!

No Lie: Dr. V's Secrets to Dental Health Every day, we offer patients tips on how to best care for their teeth. We are happy to share these with them. For these patients, the tips are … [Read more...]

Bonding: Beautiful Result for Chipped Front Teeth!

Prior to Repair with Bonding by Dr. Mark Venincasa Following Repair with Bonding by Dr. Mark Venincasa It is quite common for the front teeth to chip or fracture. Depending upon the size of the … [Read more...]

Vaping: an Update Concerning Health Effects

Much has happened nationally, beginning in September 2019, pertaining to the concerns about the adverse health effects of electronic delivery systems of nicotine and non-nicotine related chemicals. … [Read more...]

Limiting Opioid Usage for Dental Pain: Better Alternatives

As we all know, opioids are a concern. They are so addicting. Further, overdosing or usage with alcohol or some other depressant may lead to a change in breathing, which can result in death. There … [Read more...]

The Best Dentists in Dallas: Difficulties in Finding One

Finding the best dentist is becoming more difficult for patients because the ownership of dental practices by the practicing dentist has been going down since 2005. As a result, more and more dental … [Read more...]

One of the 2019 Top 20 Dentists in Dallas: How Found Us

Our second year in a row! We just found out that Dr. Mark Venincasa was awarded for the second year in a row as a Top 20 Dentist in Dallas by They let us know that this year, they … [Read more...]

Depression in Teens: An Escalating Problem

From 2007 to 2017, teen depression has become 59% more prevalent. Depression among teens in the United States has increased considerably since 2007, according to a reputable Pew Research Center's … [Read more...]