Quality: a Lifelong Endeavor of This Dentist

For most all my life quality has been a principle and a goal I have strived for.  Ever since I could see over the handle bar of a lawnmower I have cut lawns.  Never in my life did I ask for a … [Read more...]

The Corporate Model vs. Mine for Delivering Dental Care

We have seen the delivery of medical care change tremendously over the past couple of decades.  The current national health care law is the biggest change yet; however, the delivery of dental care is … [Read more...]

Cosmetic Dentistry with Bonding and Orthodontics

Many patients think that cosmetic dentistry requires making an investment as in a very nice car.  However, this needn’t be the case.  While cosmetic veneers in some cases may be the best option, there … [Read more...]

Quality, Service, and Price: the “Unattainable Triangle” of Advertising and Marketing

We have all heard the references to quality, service, and price.  The sciences of advertising and marketing explain that  it is impossible to provide all three at the same time.  Let’s explore this a … [Read more...]

Xerostomia, Dry Mouth in Older Patients

Many older patients in some way suffer from a dry mouth.  A dry mouth makes it difficult to eat some foods.  A dry mouth can be frustrating.   A dry mouth can interfere with speaking as well.  Other … [Read more...]

The Merging of Dentistry with Technology

Technology has affected most every aspect of our lives.  In some ways this is good and in others this may be not as good.  I have worked very hard to responsibly bring technology into my practice.  I … [Read more...]

Time to Spring Ahead for 2012, Seeing the Light

This weekend marks the annual time when we “spring ahead” and set our clocks forward on Saturday night.  Just as we were starting to drive to work in daylight we may be driving in the dark as I do at … [Read more...]

Ways to Prevent Major Dental Problems

I am sitting here before my laptop wondering how I should initiate my postings for this new year.  While I may not know what is best I feel the need to discuss how I can assist you in preventing major … [Read more...]

Last Call for Treatment Desired Prior to the Year’s End

Over the past couple of months we have invited patients to make appointments for care they desired to obtain this calendar year.  The reason for this is that many patients have either dental insurance … [Read more...]

Helping Patients to Save Money

We are sincerely interested in saving our patients money.  We do understand the financial difficulties that patients experience.  I have five children myself; I do understand the pressures that … [Read more...]