What Dentists are on My Dental Plan?

Price Shopping

Dental insurance plans are helpful in paying for dental care. Many patients want to find a dentist within the dental plan network to "save money." This does sound reasonable enough, right? Over 20 … [Read more...]

Need a Dentist in the North Dallas, Plano, Carrollton Area?

Venincasa Dental, Dallas dentist, Plano dentist, Carrollton dentist

  Choosing a dentist now is so much different than it used to be. Understandably, many things have changed over the past thirty years. Some of the changes are good, some of the changes are … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Want to Spend Money on my Teeth; It is Too Much!”

Venincasa Dental, saving money on teeth, Dallas dentist

Yesterday, we were graced by the presence of a teacher in our office. She has been a patient for over 20 years. She has a very back molar which has had a tooth-colored crown for over 12 years. That … [Read more...]

The Latest Emerging Dental Trend

Lower cost dental care

Some people often ask, "What is the latest emerging dental trend?" There is much changing in dentistry. In dentistry, trends do not necessarily occur yearly; it is slower than that, for differing … [Read more...]

I Want Just One, the Same Dentist!

same dentist, Venincasa Dental

Certainly things have changed in the way that medical and dental care are delivered. In the name of cost containment and accessibility, the dignity and respect for the individual patient is getting … [Read more...]

Shopping Veneers is Not Like Shopping a Polo Shirt

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Yes, I know. I know porcelain veneers are relatively expensive. I most surely do. And I can understand why patients would want to shop for the best price. Patients want to make a wise decision; they … [Read more...]

Some Dentists Can Save You Money

Saving Money on Dentistry, Venincasa Dental

I realize you may feel like you must choose a dentist in your dental plan to save money. I realize you may feel like you need a coupon or discount when seeing a dentist to save money. I know you are … [Read more...]

The Latest on Managed Group Dental Practices

Lower cost dental care

With the changing of the times has come the opportunity for entrepreneurs to create business models for dental practices which separate the business of dentistry from the practice of dentistry. The … [Read more...]

Saving Money on a Dentist

Saving Money on a Dentist

Yes, we realize times can be relatively tough. And yes, we realize it is getting more and more difficult to spread your earnings among all your expenses. Times have changed, medical expenses are … [Read more...]

Do I Have a Really Good, Great Dentist?

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Patients use different ways to select their dentist.  For some, they choose a dentist from a list of "preferred providers" from their employer's insurance plan booklet. Others may choose a dentist … [Read more...]