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Venincasa Dental, Top Dentist DallasWelcome to our website, written and posted by Dr. Mark Venincasa! Mark Venincasa is the only dentist within the dental practice. He has been the sole owner-dentist since its inception in 1986. Since 1986 much has changed in the delivery of medical and dental care. With the inception of Obamacare, things will continue to change even more. Moreover, society has changed, work ethics have changed, and personal service has changed. This is not the “good ole days” anymore.

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However, there are still opportunities to obtain superb quality care, there are still opportunities to obtain superior personal service, and there are still people in this world who truly care for their customers. This is exactly what Dr. Venincasa has created here. This is a very special place. Patients notice very quickly that this is not their typical insurance “preferred provider found in a booklet from work, that this is not some chain of dental clinics where the dentist changes regularly, and that this is not some retail type of dental practice acting like a traditional dentist-owner type practice.

Dr. Venincasa is an award-winning dentist. Among his awards, in 2016 he was recognized by FOX Network associates of TV personality Dr. Oz as a Top Doctor in Dallas. He won several TV commercials in which he was featured on The Dr. Oz Show in September 2016, as well as on multiple cable networks and the local Dallas TV channel KDFW-Fox 4 from 2016 to 2017. You may see one of those commercials here.

Venincasa Dental, Top DentistThe hallmarks of this dental practice are obtaining high quality care at a value price, obtaining care that is truly needed, and recommending care in a conservative manner without “over-selling” and without pressure. Patients are treated with respect and they are offered options and the freedom to make their decisions. Our patient’s time is respected and we as a rule manage our schedule on time. Patients are not “baited and switched” upon. In fact, you will find that Dr. Venincasa and his team truly care for their patients and they truly want to help patients save money in the long run.

If you are interested in experiencing what you may be missing, we invite you to contact us in any manner you see available within this web page. We thank you for your interest in our dentist-managed and produced website, especially created for people just like you. Feel free to peruse our website.

 About the Dentist

Dallas dentist Mark Venincasa

Dr. Venincasa has been providing quality dental care in an honest, ethical, conservative, and professional manner since 1986 with success. Although his expertise is in cosmetic and single appointment restorative dentistry, he also provides general and family dentistry.

Dr. Venincasa was born in Englewood, New Jersey, located just across the Hudson River from Yankee Stadium in New York City.  When he was 14 years old his family moved to Dallas, Texas.  He attended Texas A&M University where he was in the University Honors Program and graduated Cum Laude in 1983.  Dr. Venincasa earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.  He graduated on the Dean’s List in 1986.  A few years later the Dallas County Dental Society named Dr. Venincasa the “Young Dentist of the Year” in 1989.  Since then the dental practice has won much recognition. He married Lisa Cahill of Longview, Texas in 1991, and within the next 10 years they were blessed with five beautiful children.

 About the Business Assistant

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Caitlyn is our business assistant and has been with us since 2014. She began this role full time with the retirement of Kay in August of 2016. Caitlyn is the friendly voice you most likely will hear on your phone calls, she helps you with making appointments, she manages your account with us, and she assists you with any insurance matters that may apply to you. You will find Caitlyn to be friendly, kind, helpful, and full of energy. We are fortunate to have Caitlyn here to utilize her energies for the common good of our patients.

About the Dental Hygienist

Venincasa Dental, Top Dentist in DallasKelly just joined our team in April 2014. She has been a dental hygienist for over five years. She had been looking for a certain type of a dental practice, something more traditional, something more quality-oriented, and something that was more patient-centered. Kelly heard about our dental practice through the grapevine. She had heard of this office for several years but there was no opening for a dental hygienist. However, as soon as she found out there was an opening here for a dental hygienist she contacted Dr. Venincasa and requested an interview.

It must be made known that Kelly impressed Dr. Venincasa immensely at the interview. She was so kind, there was a sense of peace about her, she had a gentle confidence, and she was very personable. Our patients will detect this right away. Kelly is so sweet. You will find her to be fully engaged in you and in your treatment. She has a dedication to quality care. She is very attentive to you and to your needs. You will know exactly why Dr. Venincasa was so immediately impressed by her.

In fact, Kelly pretty much quit her job in order to be able to have a working interview here. We value the same things Kelly does. We are very fortunate to have Kelly here. There are some things that simply cannot be taught. You either have “it” or you do not. Kelly does have “it”. Welcome aboard Kelly!

 About our Dental Assistant

Venincasa Dental, Top Dallas dentistEstela began officially with us in August of 2016. As our dental assistant, she assists Dr. Venincasa directly with dental treatment for our valued patients, and she works hard to assure the comfort and satisfaction of our patients. We feel so very fortunate to have Estela on our team here at Venincasa Dental. Our patients find Estela to be very friendly, she is extremely personable, and she admits that she loves to smile. It is very clear to us all that she loves to smile. She is an absolute joy to have within our dental office.

Estela has been a dental assistant since 2002. She has worked with specialists and general dentists. As a result, Estela is proficient in all areas of dentistry. Our patients benefit from her many years of experience in caring for patients. Our patients also benefit from her various dental experiences in several offices. Her goal for our valued patients is to ensure that their visit with us is a pleasant one. We do want to convey to our patients that their presence here in our practice is valued by us.

Mexico is the birthplace of Estela. She moved into the United States in 1994. As a result, Estela is fluent in both English and Spanish. Naturally, this is a benefit for our practice and our wonderful patients. Currently, Estela lives in Carrollton with her husband and her two children. She appreciates working relatively close to her home. We all very much appreciate Estela choosing to work with us to care for our wonderful patients, the best patients in the world.

Part-Time Business Assistant

Venincasa Dental, Top Doctor, Top Dallas DentistMany of you already know Kay. Kay worked with us for over six years, and retired in August of 2016. Kay truly loved working with our patients here. Naturally, many of our patients loved working with her as well. So, at certain times when we need more assistance, Kay may well be here helping Caitlyn with the activities within the business office.

Kay has worked for many years as a business assistant. When she is here, our patients benefit from all of that experience. We are fortunate to have Kay available at times should we need her extra assistance.

An Invitation

If any of this is enticing to any degree we invite you to contact us in any way you are comfortable within this web page to make an appointment. This is a very special place. We are refreshing and we are different. We invite you to call. We invite you to peruse our website and our online reviews.